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What are considered to be “high priority” courses?

Each department must decide the answer to this question. Normally, classes that are broad based (needed for many majors), and those that are specifically needed to graduate would be considered high priority to continue following an emergency.

What are considered to be “Special Teaching Issues”?

Special teaching issues are those non-traditional classroom instructional methods such as: clinicals, lab practicums, student teaching, community/field based activity, etc. Special situations that may warrant a bit more planning and coordination if those site locations were lost in the event and may not be as easily continued in an alternative mode.

What is LMS?

LMS stands for learning management system. Blackboard serves as an LMS at OHIO.

Is there online instruction available for video (Panopto) training.

Yes, see here.

Should each department maintain a current semester syllabi available both on and off campus so that a new instructor could have access to it quickly?

Think of it this way, if you needed a replacement instructor quickly, could you get your hands on a syllabus for that particular class?

Is there an instruction page for new instructors to learn/access Blackboard?