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How should a plan be developed with multiple unit heads?

OHIO Ready allows for only one unit head to be documented. For instances where there are more than one unit head, use the department description field to identify how the department is structured and list names of other unit heads in that location.

For faculty and other academic units, when calculating the total staff member count, how does one account for adjunct faculty or should they be categorized under “other’?

This is a tough question but most units add a total “body count” to the “other” category.

Does an evacuation plan have to be uploaded or can we simply have a plan within our unit?

Because the university is so large and complex, it is best if individual units develop their own department specific evacuation and assembly point plans.Campus Emergency Guide When creating a plan for your unit, here are some general points to consider:

  1. Identify an assembly or gathering point where you can account for all members of the unit.
  2. Make sure that you have a way to contact or identify where a person who is not accounted for might be - (view their calendar, have their phone number readily available).
  3. Follow instructions of OUPD or other critical response authority (they may not want you to gather in your identified assembly point).
  4. Document and share the evacuation plan with everyone in your unit & also attach a copy of this document to your BCP.
What is the purpose of asking for a “cost center”? What if there are multiple cost centers within one department?

At this time, this field is optional, however future uses might be related to reimbursement of expenses that are directly related to an emergency situation.