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10.0 Biological Waste [PDF]

Laboratory Safety

2018 Annual CLERY Fire Report [PDF] Fire Safety
Abstract [Word] Bio Safety
Appendix 13 cont.: Personnel Decontamination [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 13 cont.: Sanitary Sewer Release Criteria [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 13 cont.: Spill Notification Action Limits [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 13: Laboratory Rules for Radioactvie Material Users [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 18: Individuals who have Occasion to Enter Restricted Area [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 22: Radiation Exposure History Form [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 26: Film Badge/Bioassay Request Form [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix 8: Radiation Safety Training - Individuals Working in Restricted Area [PDF] Radiation Safety
Appendix A: BBP Enrollment and Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Form [PDF] Bio Safety
Appendix B: Customized Exposure Control Plan [PDF] Bio Safety
Appendix C: Exposure Incident Information [PDF] Bio Safety
Application for Inspections without Requiring Sealed Plans [PDF] Fire Safety
Asbestos Management Program (2009) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Asbestos Management Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Asbestos Management Program 2007 [PDF] Occupational Safety
Assembly Events Inspection Requirements [PDF] Fire Safety
Athens Fire Department Responses to Ohio University Campus (2007) [PDF] Fire Safety
Biosafety Program Manual (2010) [PDF]

Bio Safety

Bloodborne Pathogen Written Program and Exposure Control Program [PDF] Bio Safety
BSL - 1 Biosafety Level 1 [PDF] Bio Safety
BSL - 2 Biosafety Level 2 [PDF] Bio Safety
Campus Emergency Guide [PDF] Fire Safety
Candles for Special Events [PDF] Fire Safety
Cell Phone Use in University Vehicles [PDF] Occupational Safety
Chemical Disposal Request Form [Excel] Hazardous Materials
Chemical Hygiene Program [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Chemicals of Interest Inventory [Excel] Laboratory Safety
Common Radionuclides, Energies, and Half-Lifes [PDF] Radiation Safety
Crosswalk Marking Guidelines [PDF] Occupational Safety
Emergency Contact Sign [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Emergency Phone Number Signs [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Emergency Phone Numbers [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Estimate Your Personal Annual Radiation Dose [PDF] Radiation Safety
Ethidium Bromide Waste Disposal [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Fall Protection (2001) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Fall Protection Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Fall-Arrest System Checklist [PDF] Occupational Safety
Fire Alarm Incident Report [PDF] Fire Safety
Fire Alarm Systems [PDF] Fire Safety
Fire Drill Report [PDF] Fire Safety
Fire Protection Systems Impairment Procedure (2010) [PDF] Fire Safety
Food Permit (Temporary) Procedures [PDF] Pest Controls
Fume Hood Safety [PDF] Laboratory Safety
General Sanitary Guidelines for Temporary Food Operations [PDF] Pest Controls
Greek Chapter House Fire Drill Reporting Form [Word] Fire Safety
Hazard Communications Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Hazardous Materials Management Manual (2011) [PDF] Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Waste [PDF] Hazardous Materials
Height Adjustable Workstation Assessment [Powerpoint] Ergonomics
Hot Work Permit [PDF] Fire Safety
Hot Work Designated Space Permit Fire Safety
How to Live with Your Fire Alarm System [PDF] Fire Safety
Infectious Waste Spill Clean-Up Procedure [PDF] Bio Safety
Inorganic Arsenic Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) BIOSAFETY REVIEW FORM [PDF] Bio Safety
Job Hazard Analysis and PPE Checklist [PDF] Occupational Safety
Lab Safety & Security Inspection: Self Audit Form [Word] Laboratory Safety
Laboratory Safety Rules [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Laboratory Specific Information Sheet [Word] Laboratory Safety
Lead Program (2007) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Lead Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Liquid Nitrogen Safety [Powerpoint] Occupational Safety
Lock Out/Tag Out Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Lock Out/Tag Out Program (2014) [PDF] Occupational Safety
New Lab Safety Setup [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Noise Control and Hearying Conservation Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Ohio Application for Building Plan Approval [PDF]

 Fire Safety

Ohio Department of Commerce: Bureau Policy for Tent Permit [PDF] Fire Safety
Ohio University Hazard Report [Word] Fire Safety
Outdoor Lighting [PDF] Occupational Safety
Permit to Sell or Serve Food on Campus [PDF] Pest Controls
Personal Protective Equipment Program (2010) [PDF] Occupational Safety
Radiation Manual Interactive [PDF] Radiation Safety
Radiation Properties [PDF] Radiation Safety
Radiation Safety Guide for Ancillary Personnel [PDF] Radiation Safety
Radiation Safety Orientation: Content Online [PDF] Radiation Safety
Radioactive Waste Disposal Request [Excel] Radiation Safety
Relocating Laboratories [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Requirements for Notification, Evaluation and Reduction of Lead-Based Pain Hazards in Federally Owned Residential Property and Housing Receiving Federal Assisstance [PDF] Occupational Safety
Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire [Word] Occupational Safety
Respiratory Protections Program [PDF] Occupational Safety
Risk Factors [PDF] Occupational Safety
Risk Management and Safety: Course Description Catalog & Contact Information [PDF] Occupational Safety
S2 Learning - Course Access Instructions [PDF] Occupational Safety
Safety Requirements for Recreational or Ceremonial Fires [PDF] Fire Safety
Self Audit Lab Inspection (PI or Lab Manager) [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Student Kitchen Sanitation Guidelines [PDF] Pest Controls
Tent Guidlines GIS
Tent Application Guidelines and Explanation [PDF] Fire Safety
Top 10 Reasons to Wear a Lab Coat [PDF] Laboratory Safety
Transporting Sick and/or Injured Employees [PDF] Occupational Safety
Treatment of Infectious Waste Cultures with Sodium Hypochlorite Solution -- Intented to Comply with EPA Infectious Waste Regulations [PDF] Bio Safety
Understanding Radiation… [PDF] Radiation Safety
Who Needs Radiation Safety Training? [PDF] Radiation Safety