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Ohio University Emergency Notification System – OHIO Alert

Federal law requires Ohio University and other institutions of higher learning to establish and maintain an emergency warning and notification plan. At Ohio University this plan is commonly referred to as OHIO Alert.

OHIO Alert uses a variety of channels (text messaging, email, outdoor sirens, phone calls, CATVision, etc.) to provide timely notification to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Ohio University Athens Campus of emergencies that require immediate action to reduce the threat of injury or loss of life. In the event of critical incident or emergency situation, the University community will be notified by the appropriate emergency notification system. The emergency notification may be informational or it may have specific action steps for you to take.

Please make sure that you keep your contact information current. By updating your information, you will ensure that you receive important information on critical incidents and campus emergencies that can affect your safety and welfare.

Instructions for updating your contact information: