About Facilities

FM&S reports through the Senior Associate Vice President, Chief Facilities Officer to the VP of Finance and Administration.

Facilities Management & Safety (FM&S) encompasses Design and Construction services, Facilities Operations, Safety, Sustainability, and Emergency Management. The unit serves all facilities on the Athens campus, where more than 24,000 students and over 4,000 employees occupy over 8 million gross square feet, 200 buildings and 1,800 acres of land dedicated to learning, research, dining, housing, intercollegiate athletics, recreation and other activities.

FM&S staff includes 464 people: a Senior Associate Vice President, an Executive Director, eight Directors, one Associate Director, four Assistant Directors, 36 managers, and affiliated administrative and technical personnel. The majority of the classified staff is covered under collective bargaining agreements. FM&S operates with the holistic approach as in the Mission, Vision and Values provided below:

Mission: Facilities Management & Safety creates an ideal campus environment where the community achieves excellence by safely, efficiently, and sustainably providing exceptional services.

Vision: Building upon a proud heritage of quality staff and services, Facilities Management & Safety will become a benchmark organization recognized for superior customer service. In doing so, we will further develop our staff, continuously improve our processes, and team together to overcome all challenges.


EXCELLENCE: Exceeding customer’s expectations through consistent high quality performance.

INTEGRITY: Always do the right thing, even when no-one is watching.

SAFETY: Establish a continually improving culture that eliminates the risk of damage or injury to people and property.

SERVICE: Proactively working to consistently meet or exceed customer’s needs through innovative and reliable solutions.

SUSTAINABILITY: Operate, maintain and build the university with the least detriment and the highest benefit to people, the planet and prosperity.​

TEAMWORK: Collaborating efficiently to accomplish a common goal. 

If you have a suggestion, or cannot find the service you need through the various links above, please call 740-593-2911 (3-2911 inter campus) and our Facilities Work Center will guide you to the most appropriate unit within our organization or elsewhere within the University.

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