Recycle at Ohio University

GameDay Football Challenge

During this years GameDay Football Challenge, 1,060lbs. was diverted from the landfill. We recycled 528lbs., composted 532lbs. and landfilled 361 lbs. GameDay Football Challenge is a recycling and zero waste reduction competition to minimize waste generated during a designated football game. This challenge is a part of Campus Race to Zero Waste. 

Campus Recycling, the Office of Sustainability, the Climate & Sustainability ambassadors, and several volunteers came together to make this a successful event!


Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

Ohio University is committed to reducing waste from campus activities and aspires to become an institution that responsibly manages all waste. Check out OHIO's Sustainability & Climate Action Plan for detailed information.

  • Goal 1: Divert 60% of its municipal waste from landfills by 2026
  • Goal 2: Increase diversion from landfill to reuse, recycle & composting 


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