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Ghana: Engineering and Technology Projects

Students in Ghana

The Russ College of Engineering views non-traditional educational opportunities as an integral component of the learner-centered education provided by the Russ College. This study abroad opportunity will provide students with essential skills that are crucial for their career development. These skills, which are difficult if not impossible to develop in the classroom, include applying knowledge, dealing with uncertainty, learning new material outside of the normal lecture format, incorporating global/societal concerns, and working as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Students will perform the initial design and development of the projects during Fall and Spring Terms. During the actual time abroad students will be working with the community to implement the projects. While the exact work activities will have not been determined they will involve the installation of a rainwater collection system and a waste treatment system for the house built in previous trips. Future projects will be identified and completed in subsequent years.




Academic Credit

ET 4524: Engineering and Technology Project in Developing Countries: Implementation- 3 credits.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Associated costs are provided on the program webpage linked below. Scholarships available, financial aid may be applied.