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Sphere Literary Journal Experience

Sphere literary journal students holding up a presentation board

Make your voice forever a part of OHIO

Creative writers at OHIO can add their voices, their words, their ideas as a forever piece of Ohio's literary tradition.

Sphere Magazine has been run by and for English undergraduates at Ohio University for more than six decades. The journal features short stories, essays and poems written by Ohio University students.

You can also join the team of student editors who get valuable internship experience in editing and publishing a literary journal. You'll be adding one more stand-out experience to your resume, as well as gaining new friends and colleagues. Editors handle sections in fiction, nonfiction and poetry, producing about 50 pages of creative writing that is showcased at the university's annual Spring Literary Festival.



Fall, Spring

Academic Credit

No academic credit

Cost & Scholarship Availability

There is no cost to submit your work or serve as an editor.


Be part of an undergraduate literary journal published every spring

“Is there anything more exquisite than you? Anywhere more remotely close than where we are? Or any idea more intuitive than what the treasure of summer can bring?”


Isaiah Underwood, “Phases of Summer” in Sphere, 2021



Illustration of a girl holding her knees from Sphere issue 65