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Zhaohui Geng

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Assistant Professor
Stocker Center 276
Center for Advanced Materials Processing
Center for Advanced Systems and Transportation Logistics Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Zhaohui Geng joined Ohio University in 2023. His major research interests are in the intersection of data science, artificial intelligence, and optimization, with applications in advanced manufacturing and healthcare systems. He was an assistant professor in the Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) and a core member of the UTRGV Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Cyber Systems, leading the Cyber Manufacturing and Smart, Connected Systems division. Before that, he was a Health Sciences Research Fellow of the Department of Neurological Surgery in the School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Zhaohui received his Ph.D. in Industrial engineering (2021), Master of Art in Statistics (2018), and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (2016) from the University of Pittsburgh, and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Science and Technology from Nankai University.

Research Interests: advanced manufacturing, digital transformation, machine learning, knowledge engineering, healthcare systems.

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2021; M.A., Statistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2018; M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2016; B.E., Electronic Science and Technology, Nankai University, 2014.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (11)

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Book, Chapter in in Scholarly Book (4)

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Conference Proceeding (7)

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  • Asare-Manu, V., Karunathilake, S., and Geng, Z. (2023) Image segmentation with human-in-the-loop in automated de-caking process for powder bed additive manufacturing. Boston: ASME 2023 International Design Engineering Technical Conference & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE 2023).
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