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Paul Barina

Paul Barina
Industrial and Systems Engineering Alumnus, Regional Director of Operations, NE Region at HOYA Vision Care


  • Plan, direct, coordinate, and oversee operations of all labs in the Northeast​

  • Ensure development & implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems​

  • Work closely with lab management on outgoing quality & customer satisfaction​

  • Work with the Engineering team to roll out standardized processes

Important Skills I Learned at OHIO:

Overall, what I learned the most was how to think like an engineer. ​

Some of the most useful tools I use are:​

  • Work measurement​

  • Human factors and ergonomics​

  • Lean manufacturing​

  • Communication!

Something I've Learned Since Graduating:

Learning doesn’t stop after you graduate. Technologies, products, and customer needs continue to evolve over time. However, with an ISE mindset, you are prepared to take on those challenges every day.​