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Kevin White

Kevin White
Industrial and Systems Engineering Alumnus, Data & Analytics Product Owner at FedEx Ground


  • Prioritize and scope company application enhancement​

  • Ensure highest “business value” applications are being worked on​

  • Communicate team results to upper management​

  • Work with IT architects to scope projects and define requirements in an AGILE format

Important Skills I Learned at OHIO:

  • Understanding different systems and applying process improvements​

  • Improving people’s safety and day-to-day jobs​

  • Effective presentation, communication, and teamwork skills​

  • SQL and programming to assist in data analysis and data visualization

Something I've Learned Since Graduating:

The ability to facilitate and lead large-crowd meetings is a skill that I picked up early in my career. Sending out agendas in advance, taking meeting minutes, and sending out recaps to stakeholders. ​​

OU gave me a great preview of how to be organized in this skill, but adjusting to my company’s “norm” of meeting format was something I had to pick up on.