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Kori (Jeswald) Fuller

Kori Fuller
Industrial and Systems Engineering Alumna, Senior Workforce Analytics Coordinator at Akron Children's Hospital


  • Develop annual labor and volume budgets, working with department leaders and financial teams​

  • Define and facilitate tracking of service metrics​

  • Develop and maintain a staffing management system​

  • Monitor departments’ performance

Important Skills I Learned at OHIO:

The courses I took as an ISE gave me a foundation to think creatively and analytically to come up with solutions that are ‘outside of the box.’ I also constantly refer back to the ‘8 Wastes of Lean’…DOWNTIME is an acronym I’ll never forget! ​


Something I've Learned Since Graduating:

I’ve really been able to appreciate how dynamic an ISE career can be. After graduating, I first worked in manufacturing, focused on process improvement. There were many great skills that I gained and improved upon during that time.  ​

I was able to take those same skills I developed and pivoted into health care very easily because of the core material I learned as an ISE. Career paths are truly endless!