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Ian Lisle

Ian Lisle
2023-2024 Engineering Ambassador in Engineering Technology and Management

Ian Lisle 

Hometown: Bridgeville, DE 

Expected Graduation: Spring 2024 

Ian is a senior in the Engineering Technology and Management program, and despite being a long way from home he’s been very happy to call Athens home the last 3 years.  Ian comes to Ohio University as a first generation college student, and will be quick to admit the beautiful campus and inviting faculty in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology were what ultimately won him over. 

With a longstanding tradition in his family of “building stuff” as he puts it, Engineering was a natural fit for a career for Ian, having spent much of his upbringing visiting construction and manufacturing sites where his family worked.  He always knew he’d want to follow in their footsteps but ultimately wanted to pursue his own definition of success.  It was about this time in high school he developed an affinity for the theme park industry and thus began his relentless pursuit of a career in that field. 

Upon arriving at Ohio University's campus in fall of 2020 he was secure in his belief that Engineering Technology and Management was the only major that would allow him to perform acts of engineering the general public could only describe as “magic.”  He attended the yearly IAAPA expo and would host an episode of the Amazon Prime Series The College Tour at the university, and quickly made connections in the Orlando theme park industry as well as the entertainment industry, allowing him to secure a jobs the following summer with Universal Studios Orlando and Adrenaline Films, the producer of The College Tour, furthering his immersion in the industry.   

His connection to the school only grew from there as the faculty and staff were endlessly supportive of his aspirations, and come the following summer, Ian had found an internship with Oceaneering International in their, theme park division, where he would work alongside the designers of the world's most iconic attractions, including but not limited to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Transformers: The Ride, Kong: Skull Island, and many more still in development that he is sure people will love upon their opening in the near future. 

Ian is easily found, often wearing his distinctive yellow beanie skateboarding around campus, and is always happy to answer questions about his major or working in the theme park industry.