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Gianni Fitch

Gianni Fitch
2023-2024 Engineering Ambassador in Energy Engineering

Gianni is a third year Energy Engineering student at Ohio University‚Äôs Russ College of Engineering. His hometown is Lyndhurst, which is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. After seeing Ohio University online, he made the choice to go after he was awarded the Templeton Scholarship. He did not realize this was the place for him until orientation when he got to see the campus for the first time in person. 

He spent his first year doing undecided engineering courses while looking around to see which direction to go in. A presentation about Energy Engineering in one of his courses convinced him that this was the right major for him by showing the different ways the degree can be used. He is interested in renewable energy and would like to do his part in making a greener future through applying what he learns in school. 

At Ohio University, Gianni is the 2023-2024 treasurer for NSBE, or the National Society of Black Engineers. This is a professional development engineering organization that is geared towards people of color. He also works throughout the school year as an RA for residents in Read Hall, in East Green. 

In his free time, Gianni likes to spend quality time with his family. He also likes dogs, comic book characters, and watching movies with his friends.