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Austin Rehmar

Austin Rehmar
Industrial and Systems Engineering Alumnus, Process Engineer, Stator at Tesla


  • Optimize stator production processes​

  • Mainly focuses on increasing yield and decreasing scrap while making sure we deliver a quality product to the customer​

  • Analyze data from various sources to identify trends in build quality and efficiency​

  • Monitor and identify ways to reduce process variation​

  • Maintain manufacturing instructions

Important Skills I Learned at OHIO:

  • Systematic problem solving—most problems are just a bunch of smaller ones that you need to solve in a specific order​

  • Identifying waste and finding ways to reduce it​

  • You can get way more done working effectively in a team

Something I've Learned Since Graduating:

Most of the time it’s better to do something fast and be directionally accurate than to get it 100% right. You’ll never actually know what correct is so make a decision and move on to the next one.​