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Alejandro Romero

Alejandro Romero
Industrial and Systems Engineering Alumnus, Sales Engineer at Balluff Inc.


  • Manage the accounts and growth of sales of the South Texas and South Louisiana region​

  • Solve technical applications for customers to make their processes more efficient

Important Skills I Learned at OHIO:

  • Identifying waste in processes and how to eliminate it​

  • Different types of material handling equipment and RFID—which I sell!​

  • A problem-solving mindset, which makes me a valuable asset to my clients and has helped me win projects​

Something I've Learned Since Graduating:

Working with clients, I’ve developed sales and business relationship skills. These have been valuable because my job involves working with my clients to help solve their problems.​

Given that Baluff is in the automation industry, I’ve also learned how these products are applied and how they’re used to solve problems.