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Yuqiu You

Yuqiu You
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Yuqiu You taught at Morehead State University for 10 years, where she taught courses in Robotics Interfacing Engineering, Robotics Application Engineering, Computer-integrated Manufacturing, Manufacturing Information Systems, and Industrial Project Management. She was a coordinator for an online 2+2 completion program for a Bachelor in Technology Management. Before that, she worked in a Chinese automation company for five years as an engineer.

Research Interests: industrial robotics, mechatronics, manufacturing automation, remote control and monitoring

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Technology Management, Indiana State University, 2006; M.S., Industrial Technology, Morehead State University, 2001; B.E., Power and Automation Engineering, HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, 1995


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Journal Article, Professional Journal (5)

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Book, Textbook (1)

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Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book (1)

  • you, y. (2012). A labview-based remote laboratory: architecture and implementation. Athens.

Conference Proceeding (1)

  • You, Y., Littell, N. (2017). Incorporating descriptive simulation of integrated manufacturing systems to an engineering technology capstone course. American Society of Engineering Education.