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David Young

David Young
Research Professor
Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology

Research Interests: Corrosion, Materials, Hydrothermal Chemistry, Zeolite Science

Journal Article, Academic Journal (6)

  • He, Y., Ren, S., Young, D., Singer, M., Belarbi, Z., Mohamed-Said, M., Camperos, S., Khan, M., Cimatu, K. (2022). Delinkage of Metal Surface Saturation Concentration and Micellization in Corrosion Inhibition. 7. CORROSION; 78: 625-633.
  • Moradi Ghadi, N., Lewis, S., Dominguez Olivo, J., Young, D., Brown, B., Nesic, S. (2021). Determining critical micelle concentration of organic corrosion inhibitors and its effectiveness in corrosion mitigation. 3. Corrosion Journal; 77: 266-275.
  • Gao, S., Brown, B., Young, D., Nesic, S., Singer, M. (2018). Formation Mechanisms of Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide at High Temperature in Aqueous H2S Corrosion Environment. Journal of the Electrochemical Society; 163: p. C171.
  • Cyders, T., Prieto, C., Singer, M., Young, D. (2018). Investigation of Pitting Corrosion Initiation and Propagation of a Type 316L Stainless Steel Manufactured by the Direct Metal Laser Sintering Process. 2. Corrosion; 75: 140-143.
  • Fan, W., Liberati, B., Novak, M., Cooper, M., Kruse Daniels, N., Young, D., Trembly, J. (2016). Radium-226 Removal from Simulated Produced Water Using Natural Zeolite and Ion-Exchange Resin. 48. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; 55: 12502--12505.
  • Kuriger, R., Young, D., Mackenzie, M., Sarv, H., Trembly, J. (2016). Phase Analysis of Scale Deposition in Boiler Tubes Utilizing Steam-Assisted-Gravity-Drainage Produced Water. March 2017. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications; 9: 1-12.

Patent (1)

  • Singer, M., Vu, N., Young, D., Farelas, F., Nesic, S. METHODS FOR INHIBITING METAL CORROSION. 14032.

Conference Proceeding (1)

  • Rosli, N., Choi, Y., Nesic, S., Young, D. (2016). Corrosion of UNS G10180 Steel in Supercritical and Subcritical CO2 with O2 as a Contaminant. CORROSION 2016.