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David Young

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Associate Research Professor
Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology

Research Interests: Corrosion, Materials, Hydrothermal Chemistry, Zeolite Science

Journal Article, Academic Journal (4)

  • Gao, S., Brown, B., Young, D., Nesic, S., Singer, M. (2018). Formation Mechanisms of Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide at High Temperature in Aqueous H2S Corrosion Environment. Journal of the Electrochemical Society; 163: p. C171.
  • Cyders, T., Prieto, C., Singer, M., Young, D. (2018). Investigation of Pitting Corrosion Initiation and Propagation of a Type 316L Stainless Steel Manufactured by the Direct Metal Laser Sintering Process. 2. Corrosion; 75: 140-143.
  • Fan, W., Liberati, B., Novak, M., Cooper, M., Kruse Daniels, N., Young, D., Trembly, J. (2016). Radium-226 Removal from Simulated Produced Water Using Natural Zeolite and Ion-Exchange Resin. 48. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research; 55: 12502--12505.
  • Kuriger, R., Young, D., Mackenzie, M., Sarv, H., Trembly, J. (2016). Phase Analysis of Scale Deposition in Boiler Tubes Utilizing Steam-Assisted-Gravity-Drainage Produced Water. March 2017. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications; 9: 1-12. http://thermalscienceapplication.asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/article.aspx?articleid=2551805&resultClick=3.

Patent (1)

  • Singer, M., Vu, N., Young, D., Farelas, F., Nesic, S. METHODS FOR INHIBITING METAL CORROSION. 14032.

Conference Proceeding (1)

  • Rosli, N., Choi, Y., Nesic, S., Young, D. (2016). Corrosion of UNS G10180 Steel in Supercritical and Subcritical CO2 with O2 as a Contaminant. CORROSION 2016.