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Sarah Wyatt

Sarah Wyatt
Professor, Environmental and Plant Biology
Porter 508
Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests: Plant Growth, Plant Responsiveness, Genetics, Molecular Biology

All Degrees Earned: Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Purdue, 1995.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (37)

  • Land, E., Meyers, A., Wyatt, S., Perera, I. (2023). Bridging the gap: parallel profiling of ribosome-associated and total RNA species can identify transcriptional regulatory mechanisms of plants in spaceflight.. Plant Environment Interactions ; 18: http://doi: 10.1080/17429145.2023.2248173.
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Journal Article, Professional Journal (24)

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Patent (1)

  • Wyatt, S., Tsou, P., Robertson, D. Transgenic plants with increased calcium stores . US Patent # 6,753,462.

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book (4)

  • Ballard, Jr., H., Cortes-Palomec, A., Feng, M., Wang, Y., Wyatt, S. (2011). The chasmogamous/cleistogamous mixed breeding system, a widespread and evolutionarily successful reproductive strategy in angiosperms, in, "Frontiers in Biodiversity Studies.". Bioscience Publications; 16-41.
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Conference Proceeding (3)

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Instructor's Manual (5)

  • Wyatt, S., Anderson, J., Brokaw, C., Dugan, J., Hawranick, S., Knott, D., Moore, D., Morrone, M., Simon-Westendorf, M., Thomas, M. (2004). Enhancing Critical Thinking in Introductory Courses. . Athens, OH: Ohio University, Scholarly Communities of Practice in Education (SCOPE);
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  • Wyatt, S. (1996). Why Study Plants. An on-line article in the Plant Educational Activity Package for S/MORE (Shuttle/Mir Online Research Experience).

Published Book Review (2)

  • Wyatt, S. (2011). A ballet of plant movement. Science; 331: 1520.
  • Wyatt, S. (2008). Review of Plant Tropisms. 3. Blackwell Publishing, Ames, IA: The Quarterly Review of Biology; 83: 318-319.