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Tanner Wick

Tanner Wick
Engineering Ambassador 2018-2019

Hometown: Louisville, Ohio

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019

Tanner decided to attend Ohio University because of the Russ College’s many opportunities and benefits, such as research teams, student projects, alumni engagement, professional development, scholarships, and strong student-faculty relationships.

He’s a member of the Robe Leadership Institute (RLI), the Human Powered Vehicle team, and the Cutler Scholars Program, all of which helped him expand his professional network, apply his education towards meaningful engineering projects, and volunteer abroad.

After his first year at OHIO, Tanner went to Ghana to install solar panels and water purification systems. He has since volunteered on projects in Peru and Indonesia, and has completed internships at Tesla, Johnson Space Center, and Deployable Space Systems.

In his free time, Tanner travels, backpacks, and plays soccer.