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Rachel Fryan

Rachel Fryan
Ambassador 2013-2015

Majors: Computer Science and Visual Communications—Interactive Multimedia
Expected Graduation: May 2015
Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

Rachel came to Ohio University because she fell in love with the beautiful campus. When she thought of college, she pictured brick buildings surrounded by beautiful trees, which is exactly what OHIO offered. She started as a computer science major and took on the second major of interactive multimedia her junior year.

Rachel is as active as she can be with other campus involvement opportunities, but being goalkeeper for OHIO’s Division-1 women’s soccer team takes up the majority of her time outside the classroom. Besides soccer, she is a part of VOICEs of Ohio University, Out-of-State Mentor program, and the Student Athletic Advising Committee. Rachel also completed an internship at the J.M. Smucker Company in summer 2013 as a part of the IT solutions development team.

Outside of all that – if she has any remaining free time – she enjoys spending time with friends, golfing, and doing anything active.