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Colton Moran

Colton Moran, Ambassador 2012-2014
2012-2014 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Expected Graduation: May 2014
Hometown: Troy, Ohio

As a first-generation college student, Colton decided to attend Ohio University because of the open environment and plethora of opportunities available to undergraduate students. He has been greatly satisfied with his decision and the past 3 going on 4 years at the Russ College of Engineering have been filled with challenging yet rewarding opportunities for him.

Colton has received several scholarships: the Dean’s Scholarship, Gateway Excellence, Gordon F. and Nadine Brunner, Dominik Family, Miami County Foundation, The Future Begins Today, and the Robert D. and Margaret M. Walter scholarships.

In addition to being an Engineering Ambassador, Colton has been a peer mentor for incoming first-year students and is vice president of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, along with being corresponding secretary of Tau Beta Pi. He also participates in the Robe Leadership Institute. He worked for two years at the Helen M. Robertson Literacy Center and during his sophomore summer he took an internship with RoviSys as a controls engineer to implement a factory-wide control system for EPM. Now he spends his time assisting in research in the Sustainable Energy and Materials Lab.