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Alyson Meister

Alyson Meister, Ambassador 2015-2016
Ambassador 2015-2016

Expected Graduation: May 2016
Hometown: Springfield, Ohio

Alyson grew up in a family of Bobcats (two of her grandparents, her father, and a brother are OHIO alumni), so when it came time to choose a school, tradition led her to Ohio University. After a year as an undecided engineer, she decided that mechanical engineering was the best fit for her and has never regretted her decision.

Alyson is involved in multiple undergraduate research projects, Engineering Ambassadors and the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi. Her favorite part about being an engineer is learning how things work. Her least favorite part is that people assume she can fix anything that doesn’t work.

In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, being active, and learning new things.