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Faiz Rahman

Dr. Faiz Rahman
Associate Professor
Stocker Center 377

Dr. Faiz Rahman obtained BS and MS degrees in Physics from Patna University in India. Later, he got an MSc and a PhD in Semiconductor Science and Technology from Imperial College, London, UK. Dr. Rahman was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Nottingham in England before moving to Caltech/JPL for three years as a postdoctoral scholar. He then worked at Cypress Semiconductor Corporation in Bloomington, Minnesota as a senior process integration engineer before taking up a faulty position at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He also founded a company, Electrospell Ltd., during that time. Dr. Rahman later moved to Ohio University where he is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Rahman's research interests are in semiconductor materials and devices for electronics and photonics, in particular in the development of novel radiation emitters and detectors. He also conducts research on various semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (6)

  • Bahamondes Lorca, V., McCulloch, M., Avalos-Ovando, O., Govorov, A., Rahman, F., Wu, S. (2021). Characterization of UVB and UVA-340 Lamps and Determination of Their Effects on ER Stress and DNA Damage. Photochemistry and Photobiology.
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  • Rahman, F., George, A. (2020). Temporal luminescence of broadband LEDs and their use for generating customizable white light. LEUKOS; 16: 11.
  • Rahman, F., Kaya, S. (2020). A review of PMMA as a versatile lithographic resist - with emphasis on UV exposure. Microelectronic Engineering; 224: 22.
  • Carbaugh, D., Kaya, S., Rahman, F. (2019). Lithographic tone reversal in optical exposure of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resist. Bristol, UK: Materials Research Express/ Institute of Physics; 6: p045308.

Patent (3)

  • Rahman, F. Solid-state Field Emission Radiation Emitter.
  • Rahman, F. LED/laser hybrid device.
  • Rahman, F. Hybrid Gallium Nitride/Silicon integration.

Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book (1)

Magazine/Trade Publication (3)

  • Rahman, F. (2021). Ultraviolet - The next LED frontier. 375. East Hartford, CT: Circuit Cellar; 14-17.
  • Rahman, F. (2020). Lighting with lasers. 7. Optics & Photonics News; 31: 8.
  • Rahman, F. (2019). Trends in Solid-state Green Emitters: Closing the Green Gap. 1. Pittsfield, MA: Photonics Spectra; 53: 5.

Review (1)