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Sumit Sharma

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Stocker 181
Phone: 740.593.1425

Research Interests: molecular modeling and simulations, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, biomolecular systems, polymers

Conference Proceeding (3)

  • Ko, X., Sharma, S. (2020). Adsorption and Self-Assembly of Corrosion Inhibitors on Metallic Surfaces Studied Using Molecular Simulations.
  • Singh, H., Sharma, S. (2020). Designing Corrosion Inhibitors with High Aqueous Solubility and Low Tendency towards Micellization: A Molecular Dynamics Study.
  • Singh, H., Kurapati, Y., Sharma, S. (2019). Aggregation and Adsorption Behavior of Organic Corrosion Inhibitors studied using Molecular Simulations. 12953.

Journal Article, Academic Journal (16)