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Neil Littell

Neil Littell
Associate Professor and Kraft Family Scholar, Director of Graduate Project Management Programs
Stocker Center 124D

Neil Littell, Ph.D., PMP                                        

Dr. Neil Littell is an Associate Professor, Director of Project Management Programs, and Kraft Family Scholar at Ohio University within the Russ College of Engineering and Technology in the Department of Engineering Technology and Management. Dr. Littell is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP #1876209) and a Certified Senior Manufacturing Specialist (CSMS) from the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

Dr. Littell is passionate about sharing his experiences with students and companies about being an effective project and program manager. His research interests are helping companies design, develop, and deploy digital transformation projects and assisting them in defining their digital engineering strategy. Dr. Littell is passionate about helping companies implement digital engineering solutions to enable them to develop products faster, with fewer resources, and with higher quality. He frequently works as a consultant on engineering data management and digital transformation projects for many companies, including some Fortune 100 companies.

Research Interests:

Strategic Project and Program Management, Digital Transformation, Digital Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, Process Analysis and Improvement

All Degrees Earned:

Ph.D. in Leadership and Workforce Development (2013); M.S. in Technology (2005); B.S Industrial Technology (2004); B.S. Trade and Technical Studies (2004) from Mississippi State University. A.A.S in Drafting and Design from Holmes Community College (2002)

Journal Article, Academic Journal (5)

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Conference Proceeding (6)

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