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Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown
Associate Director of Operations
CORR 138
Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology

Journal Article, Academic Journal (3)

  • Aghaaminiha, M., Mehrani, R., Colahan, M., Brown, B., Singer, M., Nesic, S., Vargas, S., Sharma, S. (2021). Machine learning modeling of time-dependent corrosion rates of carbon steel in presence of corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion Science; 193: 109904.!.
  • Ko, X., Olivo, J., Brown, B., Nesic, S., Sharma, S. (2020). Experiments and Molecular Simulations to Study the Role of Co-adsorption of Oil in Corrosion Inhibitor Films in Improving Corrosion Mitigation. CORROSION; 76:
  • Gao, S., Brown, B., Young, D., Nesic, S., Singer, M. (2018). Formation Mechanisms of Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide at High Temperature in Aqueous H2S Corrosion Environment. Journal of the Electrochemical Society; 163: p. C171.