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David Beegle

David Beegle
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Stocker Center 124A
Dean's Office

David Beegle is a lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Ohio University. He has twenty years of experience with finite-element modeling, data acquisition, and digital signal processing. Some of his other research interests include material models, software algorithms, and numerical methods.

Research Interests: finite-element modeling of structures and pavements, digital signal processing, numerical methods, engineering software

All Degrees Earned: M.S., Civil Engineering, Ohio University, 1998; B.S., Engineering Physics, Ohio University, 1992

Conference Proceeding (1)

  • Beegle, D., Sargand, S. (2003). Comparisons of Measured and Predicted Primary Response of Rigid Pavement for Different Truck Axle Spacings. Proceedings of the International Conference on Highway Pavement Data, Analysis & Mechanistic Design Applications; 2: 213-224.

Technical Report (1)

  • Sargand, S., Wasniak, D., Masada, T., Beegle, D. (2000). Evaluation of Initial Subgrade Variability on the Ohio SHRP Test Road. Report, ODOT/FHWA.