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Communication Studies

The Undergraduate Program in Communication Studies (COMS) offers a liberal arts education, emphasizing the scientific and artistic basis of communication. The School is committed to providing quality instruction in the theoretical bases of human communication and the application of theory in specific contexts. The major in communication studies also equips students with the competencies most prized by employers including strong oral and written communication, effective interpersonal and group communication skills, critical thinking, meeting planning, and problem-solving/decision-making (Booher,2003). Students complete an academic program consisting of courses in theory, research methods, and presentations, as well as complete a related area or minor designed to enhance the core major courses required. A bachelor's degree in communication studies is perfect preparation for a career in corporate training, foreign service, law, politics, labor relations, human services, campaign management, event planning, account representation, sales, management, or survey research.

And you can complete the entire degree while attending the Eastern campus. Through a combination of courses offered by Eastern faculty as well as courses offered online and through the Ohio University Learning Network, a student can complete their bachelor's degree in Communication Studies without having to relocate or transfer. In addition to acquiring a strong theoretical background, students can also gain practical experience through service learning courses and internship programs.

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Program Requirements

Ohio University Catalog for Communication Studies (BC5364)


Important Information for Students

Program Admission:

  • Incoming Freshman: No requirements beyond University admission requirements
  • External Transfer: No requirements beyond University admission requirements

Internal Transfer:

Students already enrolled in Ohio University can apply for transfer to the School of Communication Studies. Students must have:

  • A minimum cumulative gpa of 2.75
  • 32 semester hours completed
  • Meet with an academic advisor to complete the application process.

The specific program requirements for the School of Communication Studies includes:

  1. four core courses,
  2. three theory courses,
  3. one research methods course
  4. five elective courses in the school, and
  5. a minimum of 18 hours in a university minor or related area approved by the students' academic advisor. Students may also use an associate degree to fulfill the related area/minor requirement.

Anticipated Schedule @ OUE (subject to change):


Communication Studies at Ohio University