Remediation-Free Standards & Placement Testing

Applicants whose admission is based on assessment, regardless of campus, must demonstrate that they are remediation-free based on the standards set forth by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). Determination of remediation-free status is assessed by either ACT/SAT or ACCUPLACER scores that meet pre-defined thresholds. Currently, those thresholds are set as listed in the table:

Minimum Scores for Eligibility**

English Subscore 18 EBRW 480 Next Gen Writing 263 or above or 5 on Writerplacer
Reading Subscore 22 EBRW 480 Next Gen Reading 250 or above
Mathematics Subscore 20* 520 QAS 263 or above/AAF 263 or above

* While students who are deemed remediation free (at the baseline college-ready score) are to be placed into a credit-bearing mathematics course, students in a major requiring a STEM-intensive pathway may be subject to college level pre-requisite or supportive coursework (e.g., co-requisite, supplemental instruction) to fulfill major requirements.
** Subscore requirements are subject to change based on forthcoming revisions by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
*** Beginning on Monday, January 28, 2019, ACCUPLACER users transitioned to using next-generation placement tests.

Note: Students who are considered for CC+ admission based on the results of an assessment must demonstrate remediation-free status in both the English and reading subject areas. Participants who wish to enroll in a math course or any course with a math requisite must also demonstrate remediation-free status in math.

Athens Campus

Remediation-free status for applicants to the Athens campus will be determined based on either the ACT or SAT scores provided by the applicant at the time of application.

Regional Campuses

Remediation-free status for applicants to the regional campuses will be determined based on results of ACCUPLACER placement testing, ACT or SAT scores. ACCUPLACER is offered on a limited number of dates, typically in mid-May. Students should contact the appropriate regional campus for additional scheduling options. Students wishing to participate in CC+ who have not taken the ACT or SAT or who have not earned remediation-free subscores on the ACT or SAT are required to complete ACCUPLACER placement testing.

If a regional campus applicant is not admitted due to low scores on the placement test, he or she may re-apply the following school year. Students are not permitted to take a placement exam more than one time during a 12-month period.