College Credit Plus Pathways

College Credit Plus Pathways are a set of courses that either total 15 or 30 hours and that can be organized by a major or career path to include various courses required for a degree or professional certification. The Pathways may include courses offered via a mix of modalities (online, on campus, in the secondary school, etc.). CC+ participants are not required to follow any specific Pathway or take the courses listed. They are only provided as an example to assist is the planning of course schedules and future academic pursuits.

Please always consult your secondary counselor prior to registering for college courses to ensure that the appropriate high school requirements will be met. PDF versions of each Ohio University CC+ Pathway are available below. Additional Pathways will be posted as they are finalized.

Major or Career Path

CC+ Pathway Ohio Transfer 36 [PDF]
CC+ Pathway Humanities & Literature [PDF]
CC+ Pathway Social Sciences [PDF]
CC+ Pathway STEM [PDF]