Textbook Procedures


For CC+ students attending the Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, or Zanesville campus

The Bobcat Depot Bookstores discontinued operations during the fall 2017 semester on the Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster and Southern campuses. Students who attend these campuses will no longer receive a textbook authorization form from Ohio University and must work directly with their school district to obtain required textbooks, course materials or digital content.

As of July 1, 2020, students who attend the Zanesville campus will also no longer receive a textbook authorization form and will need to work directly with their school districts to obtain required textbooks, course materials or digital content.

MBS Direct, an online wholesale textbook retailer, has created a method for school districts to order textbooks directly via e-mail. MBS Direct’s textbook inventory is based on weekly enrollment reports provided by Ohio University. School districts that wish to purchase books through MBS will receive free shipping (on books and required materials only) and can work directly with them to ensure tax-exempt status is applied.

For instructions on how to place a textbook order with MBS Direct, see the Bookstore-Specific Information section.


For CC+ students attending the Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, or Zanesville campus:

Students who attend the Eastern, Chillicothe, Lancaster, Southern or Zanesville campuses must work directly with their school district to obtain required textbooks, course materials or digital content.

For CC+ students attending the Athens Campus:

New Students

New, first-term CC+ students who attend the Athens campus will receive textbook authorization forms at the required orientation sessions prior to the start of each semester. Student services staff will populate the authorization forms with each student’s name, PID and school district information. The school district information is derived from the ODE Public District Treasurer Information.

Continuing Students

Continuing students that attend the Athens campus will be emailed their textbook authorization forms approximately four weeks prior to the start of each semester. In the case that a continuing student does not receive an authorization form, please have them contact University College on the Athens campus.

Next Steps

The Registrar’s Office will send daily enrollment reports by class section to the bookstore to ensure proper inventories are prepared.

After receipt of the authorization form, students should follow the pickup instructions for the bookstore below:

Athens Campus
The College Bookstore
50 S. Court St. Athens, OH 45710

Students should pre-order their Athens Campus required textbooks, course materials or digital content at The College Bookstore by emailing their schedules, noting the section number of the courses, to Cathi Schwalbauch. Pre-orders should be placed as soon as possible to allow the bookstore to order any materials not currently in stock. Pickup is available at the Court Street store Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. in the text department. Students are required to present their textbook authorization form and photo ID to the bookstore for pickup.

The bookstore will keep the authorization form on file in case a student changes his or her schedule and needs to add or return a book.

Bookstore-Specific Information

The College Bookstore Loan Program

During each semester, the College Bookstore will provide a report to school districts indicating which books have been loaned to individual students.

At the end of each semester and after the designated return deadline, The College Bookstore will invoice school districts directly. The cost per book will be based on whether or not the book was returned by the student by the set deadline. The invoice sent to the school district will indicate whether the book was returned or kept.

MBS Direct Textbooks

Ohio University has partnered with MBS Textbooks to order College Credit Plus (CC+ or dual enrollment) textbooks for secondary students within Ohio school districts who are taking college level courses. To order textbooks, school districts should complete the following steps:

  • Complete both the College Credit Plus Form for Ohio University [Excel] and a tax-exempt form.
  • Submit both forms to MBS Director via email at: dualenrollment@mbsbooks.com.
  • MBS will reach out to the school district directly if they need any additional information.
  • If no additional information is needed, the school district will be set up for billing and the order will be placed.
  • MBS will send a confirmation email to the school district with all order details, including any titles listed as “Marketplace Only” where MBS could not obtain inventory to complete the entire order. MBS will direct the district to other options for the “Marketplace Only” materials.

Please note: The College Credit Plus Form Excel file must be 100% complete (with PO# & Copy of Tax Exempt form), or the order process will be delayed while the MBS team works to collect missing information.

If there are any questions about the ordering procedures, contact MBS Dual Enrollment Customer Service at 1-800-618-0686. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Central Standard Time). New account setups will be complete in 3-5 business days; all other orders will be placed within 3 business days.

Inclusive Access: Digital Course Materials

Ohio University’s Inclusive Access Program can raise questions around how and where CC+ students enrolled in participating courses need to obtain their digital course materials. Please be advised that CC+ students are not currently registered for the Inclusive Access Program and thus, do not need to opt out of or take any additional action related to the program, as their student accounts will not be charged.

CC+ students will have temporary access to digital course content for participating courses that typically expires at the end of the add/drop period. CC+ students are encouraged to obtain their required course textbooks, course materials or digital content based on their OHIO campus as described in Procedures (see above).

Direct Billing Option

Ohio University offers school districts the opportunity to opt-in to direct billing for digital materials when their CC+ students are enrolled in participating Inclusive Access courses. This option provides the district's CC+ students, enrolled in an Inclusive Access course, with uninterrupted access to digital course content at a discounted rate. 

For more information on how your school district can opt-in to direct billing for Inclusive Access materials, please email collegecreditplus@ohio.edu.