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  • Report Campus Climate Concern

    We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to report concerns about the campus climate.

  • Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan

    Learn more about the action steps we are taking to move our campus forward in combating systemic and structural racism.

  • Other Resources for All

    Resources regarding bystander intervention, implicit bias and privilege, allyship, identifying and responding to microaggressions, reporting discrimination and bias, and anti-racism.

Student Resources

  • Student Organizations

    Browse student organizations built on the principles of diversity and inclusion and get involved.

  • Scholarship Resources

    Ohio University offers several scholarships for students in underserved populations. 

  • Feedback and Perspectives

    We encourage community members to provide constructive suggestions about what can help them feel supported at OHIO.

  • Center for Student Leadership and Engagement

    The Center for Student Leadership and Engagement provides meaningful, high quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences guided to reflect the five core values of Ohio University: character, community citizenship, civility, and commitment.

  • Freedom of Expression

    Freedom of expression is the foundation of an OHIO education. Open debate and deliberation, the critique of beliefs and theories, and uncensored academic inquiry are all essential to our shared mission of discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

Resources for Faculty & Staff

  • Keep Including

    Keep Including reminds us that the student experience is central to our diverse community. Faculty are here to support students, to keep them on track for graduation, and to increase their positive connection to our campuses, virtual and face-to-face.

  • Diverse Junior Faculty Mentoring Program

    A program designed to provide tenure-track underrepresented faculty with the support, resources, advice, and council to move successfully toward achieving tenure track status.

  • Core Trainings

    In the Division of Diversity and Inclusion, we believe that our education is ongoing, and we are committed to supporting you in your development and commitment to equality. As you look for opportunities for yourself, your team, and/or your students, we hope that you will explore these scaffolded learning options.

  • Employee Affinity Organizations

    Affinity organizations are formed around a shared identity, common bond and a commitment to invest in the professional development of historically marginalized or underrepresented groups of faculty and staff.

  • Support and Empower Marginalized Students

    For students who already face feelings of marginalization, varied instructional formats (face-to-face, hybrid, or online) can amplify existing biases and marginalization.

  • Inclusive Pedagogy Academy

    The mission of the Inclusive Pedagogy Academy is to empower faculty to maximize student learning and achievement by working with faculty to enact inclusive teaching approaches across all disciplines. 


  • Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan

    Built with a shared vision and renewed energy for the future of Ohio University student support services, the Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan is a united commitment to maximize the potential of each department as we passionately care for our students.

  • Women Leading OHIO

    The Women’s Center, under the Division of Diversity & Inclusion, is pleased to house an early-career faculty and staff development program titled Women Leading OHIO. Despite the major strides towards equality women have made in the workplace and higher education, there still remains a confidence and leadership gap. The program is open to a small cohort of approximately ten participants and will be most beneficial to those early in their career at Ohio University


Implicit Bias and Privilege 


Identifying and Responding to Microaggressions