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Core Trainings

In the Division of Diversity and Inclusion, we believe that our education is ongoing, and we are committed to supporting you in your development and commitment to equality. As you look for opportunities for yourself, your team, and/or your students, we hope that you will explore these scaffolded learning options.

These trainings are organized as introductory, intermediate, and advanced. You are not required to attend any sessions in order, but you may find it helpful to start with introductory sessions. We’ve organized sessions by learning outcomes that will be addressed; each session has its own learning outcomes.

Many of these sessions are offered publicly throughout the year, but you also may be able to request a workshop for your team, students, or department. Workshops may be able to be adjusted to meet the needs of your area. To make requests for tailored sessions, please contact the host site of the training.

These trainings are a starting point, and not a comprehensive list of all trainings and workshops that are available to you! Please explore each area’s resources to know more.


Key Terms

While it is useful to have shared working definitions of terms and concepts relevant to diversity and inclusion, it is equally important to understand that language, definitions, and understandings are both situational and subject to constant change. While these key terms will continue to evolve, we have provided them to support our shared understanding, spark conversation, and serve as a framework for the conversations that will occur in core trainings.


Key Terms

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