Ohio University

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion


The Office for Diversity and Inclusion seeks to facilitate an infusion of diversity embedded into the fabric of the institution with inclusive practices, institutional policies, curricula and programs leading to a supportive and affirming environment that welcomes and respects all persons specifically those individuals and groups who have historically been excluded, not represented and or rendered voiceless in society.


Ohio University is committed to the value and intrinsic worth of each individual. We desire to create an environment that enables each person to achieve their full potential. Ohio University will be the nation's best transformative University. Ohio University is committed to the inclusion of all cultures and racial groups, socioeconomic groups, traditional and non-traditional students, in the academic community, the Athens and regional campus communities and society.

Every campus, college, and administrative unit will continually examine itself and identify ways of assuring that a comprehensive approach to achieving diversity is attained and sustained. Ohio University will act affirmatively to assure equal opportunity in employment and in delivery of programs and offerings consistent with both federal and state civil rights laws and affirmative action guidelines.

In its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Ohio University exemplifies its essential elements of culture, community, character, civility, citizenship and commitment. Faculty and staff will exemplify principles of inclusion and respect for all people in fulfilling their responsibilities. All people (persons associated with Ohio University) will be accountable for their actions.

Strategic Pathways for Ohio University's Future

Dr. Nellis developed key strategic pathways that reflect the diverse voices of those who represent OHIO. These pathways and priorities will continue to redefine Ohio University as a leading-edge public research university. To view the President's Strategic Pathways, click here.

Ohio University's Articles of Academe

Ohio University's mission and vision statements as well as the core values and guiding principles stand together as the Articles of Academe. To view Ohio University's Articles of Academe, click here.

OHIO's Promise

Ohio University community members take great pride in our institution. We are proud of our distinguished history and heritage, our beautiful campus, the renowned reputation of our faculty, our active and committed student body and of our partnerships with the southeast region of our state. Together with our five core values of character, community, citizenship, civility and commitment, this sense of pride defines who we are and helps to clarify the promise of what it means to be a member of the OHIO community.