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About the Division of Diversity & Inclusion

Furthering our inclusive campus efforts, the four centers within our Division: The LGBT Center, Multicultural Center, OMSAR, and the Women’s Center, continuously envision and work to institutionalize multi-faceted strategies that welcome and uplift all members of the campus community. We focus specifically on groups and individuals who have historically been excluded, underrepresented or marginalized within higher education settings.

Our university-wide efforts promote inclusive institutional policies, practices, and cultures through intersectional programs and initiatives, as well as strategic communications and advocacy. Our Division serves and celebrates all people by helping them explore productive ways to navigate intersections of diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives.


Ohio University is committed to diversity through inclusive practices, policies, curricula, and programs that lead to a welcoming, respectful, supportive, and affirming environment; especially for those who have been marginalized within higher education settings.


Ohio University will be recognized as a national leader in our diversity and inclusion efforts defined by our innovative approaches to designing an inclusive curriculum and educational programming, enacting comprehensive recruitment and strategic communication strategies, supporting students, crafting campus-wide mentoring initiatives, and focusing on continuous assessment.

To exemplify our University’s core values of diversity and inclusion and make good on OHIO’s strategic framework theme of access and inclusion, Ohio University will act affirmatively to assure equal opportunity in employment and in delivery of programs and offerings, consistent with both federal and state civil rights laws and affirmative action guidelines. Every campus, college, and administrative unit will continuously examine itself and identify strategies ways of foster inclusive and equitable institutional cultures. Faculty and staff will exemplify the principles of inclusion and respect for all people in fulfilling their responsibilities. All people (persons associated with Ohio University) will be accountable for their actions.

A message from Ohio University’s Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

It is my pleasure to present the Division of Diversity and Inclusion’s FY18-19 annual report, which highlights the four Centers/Office that fall under its purview: the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Center; Multicultural Center; Office of Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR), and Women’s Center, as well as an overview of University-wide efforts towards Diversity and Inclusion at Ohio University. This overview highlights the collective work that is being done throughout OHIO’s academic colleges and planning units.

Diversity and inclusion is OHIO’s number one priority, and since my June 2018 arrival, our division has seen tremendous growth. One of my first achievements at OHIO was elevating the Office for Diversity and Inclusion to a Division for consistency with other cabinet-level subject matter areas within the institution. We have made investments in staff and resources to augment
the important work that we are achieving within our campus community. We are reevaluating and reestablishing goals and metrics that align with learning outcomes and reach all students, faculty and staff on each of OHIO’s campuses.

In the coming months, I will be using this data and information to finalize a strategy to advance our work and ultimately increase sustainability for diversity and inclusion efforts at OHIO. It is my goal to partner with every academic unit, University-wide, to propel Diversity and Inclusion to greater heights and realize the vision of becoming a national leader in diversity and inclusion.

I am looking forward to another great year in FY20. As you review this year’s report, I encourage you to consider ways in which we can collaborate to elevate the University’s Diversity and Inclusion vision this upcoming year.

Go Bobcats!
Dr. Gigi Secuban
Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion