Diverse Faculty Mentoring Program

Diverse Faculty Mentoring Program

Sponsored by the Division of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Diverse Faculty Mentoring Program (DFMP) is part of OHIO’s ongoing investment in inclusive academic excellence. Faculty diversity in higher education is known to enrich college environments. Diverse faculty are vital to OHIO’s student-centered educational mission to create learning environments where members of our campus community can grow and thrive. Research shows that faculty members with diverse identities often encounter challenges to their professional success and well-being. Mentorship is a highly effective tool for engaging and empowering diverse faculty as they pursue and secure opportunities for promotion and professional development. 

Deadline to sign up for the 2023/2024 DFMP cohort:

Friday, September 15, 2023

DMFP Mentor ApplicationDFMP Mentee Application

Program Structure 

The structure of the DFMP includes an emphasis on mutual mentoring in both larger and smaller groups as well as on the individual level.

DFMP Roles

  • Co-Directors - (faculty members who have been selected by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion to lead the DFMP)
  • Faculty Mentees - (new to OHIO tenure track, instructional, visiting, and clinical faculty) 
  • Faculty Mentors - (established tenure track, instructional, visiting, and clinical faculty at OHIO) 
  • NEW Lead Mentors - (faculty or administrators appointed from returning DFMP faculty mentors who agree to serve as heads of their mentoring circles) 
  • NEW Affiliate Mentors - (faculty or administrators who are unable to commit to serving throughout the entire program but are willing to meet with DFMP mentees about specific topics) 
  • NEW Affiliate Mentee - (faculty who have completed the DFMP as a mentee and would still like to attend learning and development sessions, social and networking events, and have access to 1-on-1 mentor interactions) 

DFMP Program Elements

  • DFMP Group Learning Sessions and Mentoring Circles - (large group learning sessions with mentor/mentee breakout circles to support growth needs based on interest and affiliation) 
  • Individual Mentoring - (one-on-one sessions between mentors and mentees about specific topics) 
  • NEW Development-Focused Sessions - (larger group session with mentor/mentee circles based on growth needs via faculty group) 
  • NEW Community-Focused Sessions - (optional larger group session with other groups to increase networking opportunities_ 
  • NEW Resources - The DFMP resources will include supplemental materials as well as access to the book "Agile Faculty: Practical Strategies for Managing Research, Service, and Teaching" -- written by Rebecca Pope-Ruark 
  • Social Events - End of the semester and end of the year celebration

Fall 2023 Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, September 27 — 3:05-4:25 p.m. in Muck Annex 108
  • Wednesday, October 25 — 3:05-4:25 p.m. in Muck Annex 108
  • Wednesday, November 29 — 3:05-4:25 p.m. in Muck Annex 108
  • Wednesday, December 13 — 3:05-4:25 p.m. in Muck Annex 108
  • Wednesday, September 20 — 12 p.m. (Mentor Only Orientation via Teams)

DFMP Outcomes

  • Outcomes for the Program

    • Create and/or enhance a feeling of belonging in shared spaces to explore growth and development opportunities that foster confidence in career path and sense of professional goal achievement 
    • Expand professional networking opportunities across fields and departments 
    • Provide access to expanded professional development focused resources 
    • Foster mutually beneficial and rewarding professional relationships between participating stakeholders 
  • Outcomes for Mentees

    • Greater connection to OHIO's intellectual and campus community and a stronger overall sense of belonging 
    • Enhanced professional networking opportunities across fields and departments 
    • Access to expanded professional development opportunities 
    • Deepened confidence in career path and sense of professional goal setting and achievement 
  • Outcomes for Mentors

    • Greater collaboration across disciplines and departments
    • Investment in mentee's professional success at OHIO and beyond
    • Exposure to new innovations, emerging trends, and ideas 
    • Serve at meaningful levels that have direct impact on the lives of those participating and stakeholders in which they engage 

Time Commitment 

Over the academic year, mentors and mentees will meet and collaborate through confidential, respectful, and continuous relationships. With an in-person time commitment of around 10-12 hours each semester, we ask mentors and mentees to engage in opportunities including: 

  • Mentors Only: One (1) virtual mentor onboarding session 
  • Three (3) large group programming sessions including small group breakouts (mentoring circles) 
  • One (1) development session 
  • One (1) community session in tandem with other OHIO faculty development programs 
  • One (1) social event at the end of the semester 
  • At least three (3) 30-minute on-on-one sessions with a specific mentor or affiliate mentor 
  • Monthly discussion board questions to prime participants for the next month's sessions and events to maximize retention and application of the skills and knowledge learned. 
  • Completion of the end of session (Fall and Spring) satisfaction survey 

Program Benefits 

The program facilitates a collaborative learning opportunity in which faculty can discover strategies on how to best meet specific goals. Faculty will participate in a community of learners that will enable them to network, support and learn from one another. Individual goals may vary considerably and could relate to involvement in research, teaching, publishing, grant-writing and community engagement. Mentoring partnerships may also extend to strategies for maintaining a functional work-life balance and trajectories in the academic journeys. Additionally, mentees will have the opportunity to access mini-grants to further their teaching, service and scholarship activities. Essentially, a multicultural mentoring relationship can personalize and demystify the academic trajectories that lead to reappointment, promotion, and professional success.

Potential DFMP Topics

General Meeting Themes

  • Reimagining Faculty Vitality 
  • Agility at Work 
  • Prioritizing your Agendas 
  • Successful Collaboration and Group Projects 
  • Leading Effectively 
  • Mentoring Others 
  • Organizing your Courses 

Learning Workshops (based on personal goals): 

  • Balancing service with teaching and research obligations
  • Meeting research requirements and planning publications
  • Participating in community-engaged activities and scholarship 
  • Identifying and applying for grant opportunities 
  • Strategizing about conference travel and presentations 
  • Wellness and work-life balance 

Co-Director Contact Information

For more information, contact Dwan Robinson, Ph.D. via or Andrew Pueschel