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Southern Regional Education Board

The SREB Doctoral Scholars Program - New Institutional Partnerships.

The Doctoral Scholars Program (DSP) has long partnered with SREB states to provide support services to minority students seeking their Ph.D. Given the success and breadth of the program, institutions inside and outside the SREB region are now requesting to partner with DSP, independent of state support. In response, SREB formally pursued this effort in 2014, recognizing that institutions often have sources of funding not directly available to state agencies. The result: 12 institutions became institutional partners. These institutions are supporting 53 doctoral scholars — for up to five years — and dissertation scholars who need one year of support to complete degrees.

SREB History and Mission

In 1993, SREB states came together to form the SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program to improve faculty diversity on college campuses by increasing the number of minority Ph.D. graduates who become college faculty. By combining resources, SREB states believed they could more efficiently and effectively achieve this goal. The program can now boast many successful outcomes — a testament to the vision of the state leaders who supported it. The program is structured to provide financial support and offer direct services, including academic, personal and motivational support for students engaged in doctoral study. It also assists in facilitating faculty recruitment and peer networking at the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, the largest gathering of minority Ph.D. scholars in the nation.