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Inclusive Excellence Workshop and Lecture Series

Inclusive Excellence Workshop and Lecture Series

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the Provost co-sponsor the Inclusive Excellence Workshop and Lecture Series for the Ohio University campus community.

The series, currently in its second year, is designed to support OHIO's commitment to building an intentional culture of inclusion, creating an enriching academic experience that expands civic engagement and cultural competency, and ensuring individual success and retention needs of an increasingly diverse community.

2023-2024 Workshops and Lectures

The following workshops are being offered in 2023-2024. Please register through GivePulse (login required), using the provided links.

Diversity And Community: Connecting Library Archives to Course Outcomes

Date: October 17, 2023

Time: 9:30 a.m.-10:50 a.m.

Location: Alden Library 251

Audience: Ohio University faculty, staff, students, and community members are welcome.


This workshop highlights the collaborative work between librarians and a journalism faculty member in developing an in-person DEI learning module utilizing OHIO special collections. This collaboration was the inspiration for developing and implementing a series of unique activities that have students explore archival material related to DEI and journalism.

Learning Outcomes

  • Reflect on the history of diversity and inclusion at Ohio University and the progress the community has made on these dimensions over the years.
  • Explore how archival collections can be utilized in highlighting lived experiences different than our own.
  • Discuss with other community stakeholders about the diversity and inclusion related challenges we face as a community and in the classroom.
  • Critically evaluate and propose activities and interventions that can help address diversity and inclusion within courses.


Antisemitism on University Campuses

Date: October 24, 2023

Time: 12:30 p.m.-1:50 p.m.

Location: Alden Library 319 (Friends of the Library room)

Audience: Ohio University faculty, staff, students, and community members are welcome.


Sarah Livingston, Instructor, Classics & Religious Studies

The workshop will encompass presentation slides, facilitated discussions, and focused group activities that delve into the historical roots of antisemitism and the contemporary experiences faced by students on college campuses. By the conclusion, participants will be equipped to pinpoint intricate instances of antisemitism, systemic biases, and subtle aggressions which amplify the unease Jewish students feel in today's university settings. Furthermore, attendees will acquire the tools and resources essential for fostering inclusivity for Jewish students and for mitigating antisemitism within academic courses and programs.

Session Outcomes

  • Recognize manifestations of contemporary antisemitism.
  • Cultivate strategies to support Jewish students.
  • Grasp the ramifications of historical antisemitism on today's student body.
  • Craft syllabi that prioritize inclusivity for all students.


Identity as an Instructor: Teaching in American Classroom

Date: November 2, 2023

Time: 2:00 p.m.-3:20 p.m.

Location: Alden Library 319 (Friends of the Library room)

Audience: Ohio University faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors are welcome.


  • Purba Das is a professor in Communication Studies at Ohio University. Dr. Das’ research employs a critical approach in the field of intercultural communication in understanding the problematics of nations, national identity, race, caste, media, and health narratives in marginalized populations in India and the USA.
  • Sarah Wyatt is a professor and research scientist in the department of Environmental and Plant Biology at Ohio University. Sarah grew up in a small, rural community in the far western corner of Kentucky. She and her sisters were the first in their family to attend college. After completing a Ph.D. at Purdue University, Sarah worked on a NASA-funded project at North Carolina State University, combining her interests in plant biology and the space program. She and her graduate students are currently studying the genes and proteins that allow plants to respond to gravity.

As we welcome international students to campus, there is an opportunity for cultural exchange within class instruction or through international graduate student instruction. At the same time, there is potential for cultural misunderstandings or conflict. This workshop is designed to address two aspects of cultural exchange between international and domestic faculty and students.

  1. Optimizing cultural exchange with international students in the classroom through inclusive pedagogy and purposive integration of international student lived experiences.
  2. Managing the classroom as an international instructor through understanding the American experience and American academic culture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically engage with, and modify, one’s teaching approach to infuse inclusive pedagogical practices, paying attention to syllabi creation, choice of readings, pedagogy, and/or approach in including the diverse identities of those who have created milestones within one’s academic discipline.
  • Identify aspects of the hidden curriculum that have operated within one’s classroom (email etiquette, code of conduct within the classroom, recognize acculturating/assimilating forces and our own biases) and address these issues as they arise.
  • Envision the challenges and possibilities for diversity and inclusion within one’s field to consider how learning outcomes can align with intercultural competencies to assist student achievement in their careers.
  • Reflect on one’s own cultural identity and positionality, as well as how privilege and oppression may function within the classroom and metrics for assessment.