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The Women’s Center, under the Division of Diversity & Inclusion, is pleased to house an early-career faculty and staff development program titled Women Leading OHIO. The program will begin on October 1, 2021 with applications to participate in the program due on September 10, 2021 [Deadline Extended]. Applications are now available.

With the financial impact caused by the coronovirus (COVID-19) in mind, the Women's Center has modified the program in order to offer it for free this year (2021-2022) only. Regardless of changes to eliminate the cost, the integrity and high quality of the program will remain consistent, albeit will not include lunches if we return to campus, nor will it include external speakers. 




"I am quite proud to be a member of the Women Leading Ohio inaugural cohort. My participation in the program came at a pivotal point in my career. WLO allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my strengths and professional goals, while making important connections across campus. Being paired with a mentor and shadowing someone in an area of interest gave me a chance to ask questions that would have otherwise gone unanswered. I recommend Women Leading Ohio to any woman interested in personal and career development!" - Joy Cobb, Proactive Support Coordinator





“This program opened my eyes to the complexities of being a working woman, strengthened my resolved to be unafraid to be bold and different, and gave me a support system to challenge me while simultaneously building me up. Simply put: Women Leading OHIO changed me.” –Hailee Tavoian, Director of Communication & Marketing, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs




Despite the major strides towards equality women have made in the workplace and higher education, there still remains a confidence and leadership gap.

In this program, participants can expect to:

  • build a professional, leadership network through weekly workshops with their cohort
  • engage in mentoring and job shadowing with on-campus leaders
  • participate in team-building activities
  • engage with community and campus leaders
  • discuss styles of leadership and supervision
  • investigate gendered issues in higher education
  • reflect on the meaning of diversity and inclusion within the workplace, and integrate intercultural knowledge into their workplace or syllabus
  • learn from leaders about career advancement
  • attend the Celebrate Women Conference at OU Lancaster and the ACE Women's Network Ohio Conference

Participants may also apply to an internship in order to further cultivate and demonstrate their leadership skills after completing the program.

The program is open to a small cohort of approximately ten participants and will be most beneficial to those early in their career at Ohio University (defined as within the first three years of professional employment).

If you have any questions or would like a written letter about the program sent to your department or college, please contact M. Geneva Murray, Director of the Women’s Center, at murraym2@ohio.edu.




Women Leading OHIO participants gathered around a table at Passion Works