OUTA News and Events

The OUTA Hearing Speech & Language Clinic in Grover Center is excited to announce the proposed expansion of our clinic services to provide Cochlear Implant mapping for persons in the Southeast Ohio region. Additional information will be made available soon.

In addition, we continue to offer hearing evaluations for any type or degree of hearing loss. If the hearing loss suggests the need for amplification, we are able to conduct hearing aid evaluations and offer options across several hearing aid brands best suited to the hearing loss and to daily communication needs. Balance assessments are available for persons who experience dizziness. For those people who experience tinnitus (ringing in the ears), we offer management options. We are also able to produce custom iPod Ear Buds and custom earpieces for musicians and hunters that are designed to protect hearing during loud noise exposure.

As an educational clinic at Ohio University, our goal is to provide excellent, polite, professional service within the context of training future audiologists.