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The Hudnell Fund

The David Hudnell Fund for Archaeological Research and Field School was established in 1997. It was created to honor the memory of David Hudnell, an Ohio University graduate in anthropology and archaeology who worked with Dr. Elliot Abrams on archaeological field schools from 1986 until his premature passing in 1996. Hudnell had a great love of archaeology and Native American culture, and he was instrumental in helping establish the strong reputation of the Ohio University Field School.

The Hudnell Fund supports the operation of the Field School in Ohio Archaeology. All money is spent entirely on archaeological equipment or the analysis of artifacts excavated during the field school. A book on the archaeology of the Hocking Valley, titled The Emergence of the Moundbuilders: The Archaeology of Tribal Societies in Southeastern Ohio, edited by Abrams and Dr. AnnCorinne Freter, is based in large part on the field school data and is dedicated to Hudnell for his significant contribution to the archaeology of this area.

  • By Mail: Make your check payable to "The Ohio University Foundation" and designate "The Hudnell Fund" in the memo section of your check or in an accompanying note. Mail checks to The Ohio University Foundation, P.O. Box 869, Athens, OH 45701-0869.
  • By Phone: Call toll-free, 800-592-FUND, and make your gift via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express); during the call, make sure to designate your gift as being for The Hudnell Fund.
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Thank you for your kind contribution to support archaeology in Southeastern Ohio.