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Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory

From keft, Dr. Kristina Carter and Dr. Gonzalez-Vallejo
From left, Dr. Kristina Carter and Dr. Gonzalez-Vallejo at Carter's commencement

The Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory conducts research in several areas including the understanding of basic trade-off mechanisms used to resolve the inherent problem of choosing among conflicting options; the dynamics of preference evolution; the dynamics of decisions over time with changing references; decisions about time and money, and judgments of nutrition and their effect in healthy eating.

Laboratory News

Aaron Reid, portrait
Dr. Aaron Reid

Notable Alumni | Aaron Reid Quantifies Consumer Emotional Response for Global Brands

Members of the Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory

Director, Dr. Claudia Gonzalez Vallejo

Colin Gloudemans, graduate student

Jake Roden-Foreman, graduate student

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Frank Bellezza, Professor Cognitive Psychology

Lab Photos

judgement lab group photo
From left to right: Jiuqing Cheng, Ping Xu, Dr. Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo, Adam Carlitz, Kristina Carter, and Nicholas Kirwen
judgement lab group photo 2
Judgement and Decision Making Laboratory

Recent Publications

Unpacking decision difficulty: Testing action dynamics in Intertemporal, gamble, and consumer choices. J Cheng, C González-Vallejo. Acta psychologica 190, 199-216. 2018

Nutrient-specific system versus full fact panel: Testing the benefits of nutrient-specific front-of-package labels in a student sample. KA Carter, C González-Vallejo. Appetite 125, 512-526. 2018

Use of the familiarity difference cue in inferential judgments. P Xu, C González-Vallejo, J Weinhardt, J Chimeli, F Karadogan. Memory & cognition 46 (2), 298-314. 2018

Action dynamics in intertemporal choice reveal different facets of decision process. J Cheng, C González‐Vallejo. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 30 (1), 107-122. 2017

Analysis of nutrition judgments using the Nutrition Facts Panel. C González-Vallejo, BD Lavins, KA Carter. Appetite 105, 71-84. 2016

State anxiety reduces procrastinating behavior. P Xu, C González-Vallejo, ZH Xiong. Motivation and Emotion 40 (4), 625-637. 2016

Attribute-Wise vs. Alternative-Wise Mechanism in Intertemporal Choice: Testing the Proportional Difference, Trade-Off, and Hyperbolic Models. J Cheng, C González-Vallejo. Decision. 2016

Evaluation of breakfast cereals with the current nutrition facts panel (NFP) and the Food and Drug Administration’s NFP proposal, C González-Vallejo, BD Lavins, Public health nutrition, 1-12 2015

Hyperbolic Discounting: Value and Time Processes of Substance Abusers and Non-Clinical Individuals in Intertemporal Choice, J Cheng, C González-Vallejo, PloS one 9 (11), e111378 2014

Early Positive Information Impacts Final Evaluations: No Deliberation Without Attention Effect and a Test of a Dynamic Judgment Model, C González Vallejo, J Cheng, N Phillips, J Chimeli, F Bellezza, J Harman, .Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 27 (3), 209-225 2 2014

How necessary is the unconscious as a predictive, explanatory, or prescriptive construct?, C González-Vallejo, TR Stewart, GD Lassiter, JM Weindhardt, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (01), 28-28 2014

Temporal discounting in heroin-dependent patients: No sign effect, weaker magnitude effect, and the relationship with inhibitory control. J Cheng, Y Lu, X Han, C González-Vallejo, N Sui. Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology 20 (5), 400 6 2012

An examination of the proportional difference model to describe and predict health decisions. C González-Vallejo, JL Harman, E Mullet, MTM Sastre. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 118 (1), 82-97 1 2012

Assessing the merits and faults of holistic and disaggregated judgments. HR Arkes, C González-Vallejo, AJ Bonham, YH Kung, N Bailey. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 23 (3), 250-270 5 2010

Predicting soccer matches: A reassessment of the benefit of unconscious thinking, C González-Vallejo, N Phillips. Judgment and Decision Making 5 (3), 200-206 40 2010

Cognitive models of choice: Comparing decision field theory to the proportional difference model. B Scheibehenne, J Rieskamp, C González-Vallejo. Cognitive science 33 (5), 911-939 10 2009

The deliberation-without-attention effect evidence for an artifactual interpretation. GD Lassiter, MJ Lindberg, C González-Vallejo, FS Bellezza, ND Phillips. Psychological Science 20 (6), 671-675 100 2009

Assessment of calibration for reconstructed eye-witness memories. AJ Bonham, C González-Vallejo. Acta psychologica 131 (1), 34-52 4 2009

Emotion as a tradeable quantity. AA Reid, C González-Vallejo. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 22 (1), 62-90 20 2009

" Save angels perhaps": A critical examination of unconscious thought theory and the deliberation-without-attention effect. C González-Vallejo, GD Lassiter, FS Bellezza, MJ Lindberg. Review of General Psychology 12 (3), 282 79 2008

Recent Grants

Ohio University, The Diabetic Institute. Research Award 13X053 to PI Bethany Lavins under supervision of Dr. González-Vallejo. $500. May 2013.

National Science Foundation, Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program. Co-PI, Modeling the Underlying Dynamic Processes in Motivation and Decision Making: A Parsimonious Self-Regulatory Approach. (PI Dr. Jeff Vancouver.) $408,060. August 2009-August 2012.