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Policy for the Controlled Environment Plant Growth Facility

Porter Hall 407

General Information

The facility contains five Conviron Growth Chambers:  two E7/2 chambers, two E15 chambers and one “Arabidopsis” (ATC60) chamber.  All chambers are equipped with humidity, CO2, light, and temperature control to accommodate the need of researchers.  Although the purpose of facility is primarily to answer the research needs of the Showalter, Wyatt, and Faik research groups, other groups can use it with permission. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Faik (, 740-593-1121)

User guidelines

As for any shared facility, proper use is required. The policy for the use of the facility is as follows:

Chamber 1 is the ATC60 and is primarily for Dr. Wyatt’s group use.  Chambers 2 (E7/2) and 5 (E15) are primarily for Dr. Showalter’s group use. Chambers 3 (E7/2) and 4 (E15) are primarily for Dr. Faik’s group use. However, the chambers will be shared if needed.

•   Reserve your spots in advance by sending your request to Dr. Faik ( Include the number of flats and duration needed.

•   All users MUST write their names and give all the information required on the log sheet posted on the door of the growth chamber that are using. No exception.

•   Use only autoclaved soil (For 2 flats of soil, autoclave for 45min on the fluid setting).

•   Always leave the area clean and well organized. A broom and hand-wisk are available in the room for this purpose.

•   No planting pots is allowed in room 407. Prepare your pots and soil in your lab before bringing the flats to the growth chambers. No exception.

•   No pots with plants are allowed to be stored in room 407 outside of  the growth chambers.

•   No storage of any waste plants or soil is allowed in room 407. These MUST be stored in your lab (in biohazard bags if you are using transgenic plants)

•   When you are done, move used pots to room 404 and clean them (there is no sink in 407).

•   Cleaned pots should be stored in room 407.

•   Do not move plants from other rooms into this facility.

•   The conditions in all growth chambers are set as follows: photoperiod: 16hr light (6am-10pm);  humidity:  50%  during  light  and  60%  during  dark;  light  intensity:  160 µmoles/m2sec; temperature: 20°C in dark and 24°C in light.

If different conditions are required, please contact Dr. Faik.

•   Do not enter the facility if:

- You have been in the greenhouse

- You have been in a contaminated area (white flies…)

- You have been in the field (i.e., classes: Trees and Shrubs; Systematics…)

- If it is necessary to enter the facility the same day, please change your clothes first.