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Language Placement Tests

The language placement test is available for any student who wishes or is required to take a language course. Our recommendation is that you start at the 1110 level, but if you have extensive experience with the language, you are welcome to take the test available for French, German, or Spanish to determine your language command and place you in the right level.

Policies for Language Placement Test

  • You can only take the placement test one time.
  • If you have completed a course at Ohio University (any campus), or are currently enrolled in a course, you are not eligible to take the placement test.
  • If you wish to register for FR/GER/SPAN 1110, you do not have to take the placement test.
  • If you start in 1110 and you have a 4-semester requirement, you must complete the series in order (1110-1120-2110-2020).
  • If you wish to register for a higher level of FR/GER/SPAN, you must take the placement test to determine in which level you should start the series.

Language Placement Test Options for French, German, and Spanish

  • Option 1: In person at an Ohio University testing facility, proctored for students trying to place out of the Foreign Language requirement.
  • Option 2: Online, unproctored for students NOT trying to place out of the Foreign Language requirement. You cannot place out of the requirement with this placement, no matter how high you place, if you take the test unproctored.
  • Option 3: Online, proctored, for students trying to place out of the Foreign Language requirement—requires a credit card to pay the $6 Proctortrack fee.

Send an Email Request to Take the Language Placement Test

  • Email from your Ohio University email account.
  • Make the subject line on the email: Language Placement Test request.
  • State that you would like to register for the Online Language Placement Test.
  • Indicate if you want to take the placement proctored or not proctored.
    • If you want to take it proctored, indicate in your email whether you want to take it in person or through Proctortrack (online).
  • Include your PID.
  • State which language you would like to take.
  • Include how much experience in the language you have had (how many years in middle school, how many years in high school, how many years at another college, travel abroad including where and how long).