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Japanese Courses & Language Study

Students practice Japanese language.
Students practice Japanese language.

Japan is a small island nation but the world's third largest economy. Japanese society is a showcase of modern technological wizardry from the world's first bullet train to companion robots. Yet, at the same time, Japan is a country with many unique social and cultural traditions going back thousands of years. For example, the current emperor Naruhito is the 126th emperor of Japan, and his family lineage goes back more than 1,300 years into antiquity.

Learning Japanese opens the door into this unique culture and society where old arts contribute to the creation of new technology and Western ideas harmoniously blend into Eastern thoughts.

A Japanese minor at Ohio University requires a minimum of 15 hours of language (JPN) courses beyond 2120 with a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course. There are no specific course requirements, but prerequisites must be observed. See contact information and requirements for the Japanese Minor.

Japanese Courses at Ohio University

The Linguistics Department offers four years of Japanese classes. Students from all majors and at any Japanese language proficiency are welcome to join the Japanese courses.

  • JPN 1110 - Elementary Japanese I;Credit Hours: 4
  • JPN 1120 - Elementary Japanese II;Credit Hours: 4 – Prerequisite: JPN 1110
  • JPN 2110 - Intermediate Japanese I;Credit Hours: 4 – Prerequisite: JPN 1120 or equivalent
  • JPN 2120 - Intermediate Japanese II;Credit Hours: 4 – Prerequisite: JPN 2110 or equivalent
  • JPN 3110 - Advanced Japanese I;Credit Hours: 3 – Prerequisite: JPN 2120 or equivalent
  • JPN 3120 - Advanced Japanese II;Credit Hours: 3 – Prerequisite: JPN 3110 or equivalent
  • JPN 4110 - Fourth-Year Japanese I;Credit Hours: 3 – Prerequisite: JPN 3120 or equivalent
  • JPN 4120 - Fourth-Year Japanese II;Credit Hours: 3 – Prerequisite: JPN 4110 or equivalent

Language Placement Testing or Test-Out Information

Students who have prior knowledge of Japanese should contact the Linguistics Department for test-out and language course placement information. The placement test is provided online. Students wishing to take placement tests should email the department through their OHIO email account and include in the subject line: "Japanese Language Placement Test." The student will receive an email from the department with instructions on how take the test. Students who have no prior background in Japanese, or would like to begin with a new foreign language, do not need to take a placement test but should register for the beginning course (e.g. 1110).

Contact Us

For more information on studying Japanese at Ohio University, contact the Japanese language program coordinator Dr. Hiroyuki Oshita.

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