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Jennifer Bowman, Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board Member

Jennifer Bowman, portrait
Jennifer Bowman

Ohio University B.S. Geology ’97, Ohio University M.S. Geology ’00

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved to Athens to attend Ohio University in 1993. I completed both my undergraduate (1997) and graduate work (2000) in Geological Sciences. My undergraduate focus was Environmental Geology and working with watershed groups like Raccoon Creek and Monday Creek. My adviser, Mary Stoertz, was instrumental in starting me on my career path. She took me under her wing, and I learned a tremendous amount from her, both in my professional career and personal life. I continued my education and focused on my graduate studies in Environmental Geochemistry with Dina López. Dina taught me the persistence and drive needed to answer complex scientific questions and the value of having abundant field data.

Since graduating from Ohio University, I continue to live in Athens. I worked with Rural Action, a non-profit organization where watershed restoration and community work fit nicely, from 2001-2004, striving to improve the quality of life in Appalachia while protecting the environment. Since 2004, I have worked at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service as an Environmental Project Manager, a Senior Project Manager, and now as the Director of Environmental Programs. I continue to work on water-related issues statewide and work with numerous watershed groups throughout the coal-bearing region of Ohio. With my current position at Ohio University, it is easy for me to work with students in Geological Sciences Department by offering collaborative research opportunities, field assistance, local summer internship guidance, and field trips to Raccoon Creek to see active coal mine restoration activities.

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