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Ph.D., 1992, Louisiana State University (Geology)

M.S., 1979, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Physics)

B.S., 1975, Universidad de El Salvador (Chemistry)

Research Interests


  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Geochemistry of hydrothermal systems
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer
  • Volcanic soil degassing
  • Acid mine drainage (AMD)

In recent years, my research has taken a twist to the investigation of the environmental causes of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology in El Salvador. Probably causes for this illness seem to be the application of pesticides that affect the kidney probably associated to arsenic in drinking water and other secondary factors. For that research, we are using geographical weighted regression and other tools for assessing the relationships between the environmental variables and the prevalence of the illness.

In general, my research interests include the geochemistry and hydrogeology of geothermal systems (including diffuse soil degassing and heat flow studies), and environmental problems such as acid mine drainage and arsenic contamination in water. At the present time, my areas of research in geothermal systems are located in Central America (El Salvador), and in Canary Islands, Spain. The release of gases from the magmatic environment, their incorporation to the groundwater system, and their release to the air at the soil-air interface can provide important information about the volcanic activity, fluid paths, and preferential routes of circulation in the upper crust. This information is important for geothermal energy exploitation as well as for volcanic monitoring.

I am also interested in environmental problems associated with mining and resource exploitation. Within Ohio, I investigate the chemistry, fluid flow, and mass transfer associated with acid mine drainage from coal mines. The exploitation of sulfide-rich coal in this region produces mine drainage of low pH and high acidity and metal concentrations (mainly iron, aluminum, and manganese) affecting hundreds of miles of streams and aquatic life. I investigate the hydrology of abandoned coal mines and the fate of the acid mine drainage chemicals in the environment. In addition, I have also investigated a closed uranium mine in Poços de Caldas, Brazil. I am also investigating arsenic in volcanic lakes and groundwaters, and acid mine drainage problems in El Salvador.

I belong to the Appalachian Watersheds Research Group of Ohio University. This group has a multidisciplinary approach to the study of acid mine drainage problem and treatment. During the recent years we have focused in studying the relationship between the physics of the flow, the chemistry of water and sediments, and the biology of the stream in the acid mine drainage problem, especially in the response to remediation, such as alkalinity additions.

Courses Taught

  • GEOL 2050: Statistical Methods in Geology
  • GEOL 2310: Water and Pollution
  • GEOL 3/5050: Modeling and Computer Methods in Geology
  • GEOL 4/5270: Water Geochemistry
  • GEOL 4/5280: Physical Geochemistry
  • GEOL 4/5290: Contaminant Geochemistry
  • GEOL 4/5710: Advanced Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 4/5810: Groundwater Flow Modeling
  • GEOL 4/5820: Transport Processes in Groundwater

Professional Appointments

2008-present, Professor

2001-2008, Associate Professor

1995-2001, Assistant Professor

Representative Publications

Acid Mine Drainage and Other Contaminant Problems Publications

Gómez-Puentes, F.J., Pérez-Flores, M.A., Reyes-López, J.A., López, D.L., Herrera-Barrientos, F., García-Cueto, R.O., Romero-Hernández, S., Solís-Domínguez, F.A., Loeches Garrido, M.M., 2016. Geochemical modeling and low-frequency geoelectrical methods to evaluate the impact of an open dump in arid and deltaic environments. Environmental Earch Sciences, 75:1062.

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Hernandez Suárez M, Astray Dopazo G, Larios López D, Espinosa F, 2015. Identification of Relevant Phytochemical Constituents for Characterization and Authentication of Tomatoes by General Linear Model Linked to Automatic Interaction Detection (GLM-AID) and Artificial Neural Network Models (ANNs). PLOS ONE 10(6): e0128566. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0128566.

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Diffuse Soil Degassing and Hydrothermal Process Publications

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Recent Titles of Advisee's Completed Theses

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Maj, Sarah. The Effects of Iron Oxidation in Stream Recovery in Hewett Fork, Ohio. B.S. in Geology, 2014, Ohio University.

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  • Best Paper Award, 2006 meeting of the Geothermal Resources Council, Geofluids section, for the paper: "Assessment of silica scaling around injection wells of the Berlin Geothermal Field, El Salvador, using field experiments and chemical modeling."
  • Best Paper Award, 2004 meeting of the Geothermal Resources Council, for the paper: "Diffuse and Convective Degassing of Soil Gases and Heat at the TR-6-Zapotillo Hydrothermal Discharge Zone, Berlin Geothermal Field, El Salvador."
  • Victor de Sola 2003 National Award for outstanding contributions to the development of Geothermal Energy in El Salvador, LaGeo (Geothermal Energy Company in El Salvador).
  • Outstanding Faculty Award 1999, 2000, 2001, Department of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
  • International Fellowship, American Association of University Women 1990-1991.
  • Fellowship, Organization of American States 1988-1990.
  • Scholarship LASPAU (Latin American Scholarship Program of American Universities), 1977-79.