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A&S Travel Fund

Objectives of the Fund

The objective of the College of Arts & Sciences Travel Fund is to support faculty and graduate student travel to conferences in order to share their research, scholarship and creative activities. Funds are provided to acknowledge the importance of conferences for faculty and graduate students to learn about the latest developments in their fields, network with colleagues, and build collaborations. Funds are limited, and every effort is made to support as many faculty and graduate students as possible in an equitable manner.



  • $1,000 per faculty member (tenure track or instructional faculty).
  • No more than one trip per faculty per year (July 1-June 30).
  • Faculty with start-up funds that have been marked for conference travel are not eligible.
  • Conference support requires that faculty present a paper, chair a session, serve as discussant, organize a symposium, etc. (not just attending).
  • Faculty who are engaged in teaching, service and/or research or on FFL during the academic year.

Graduate Students

  • $500 per graduate student (PhD & MA/MS).
  • No more than one trip per student per year (July 1-June 30).
  • Conference support requires that the student is on the program (not just attending).


Faculty should contact their Department Chair for approval of funding. 

Graduate Students should fill out the Graduate Conference Travel Funding form. Shortly after the deadline (<2 weeks), funding decisions by A&S will be conveyed to the graduate student, department chair and finance contact.


For Graduate Students, there are 4 deadlines per year.

  • July 1 (for travel starting in September, October or November)
  • October 1 (for travel starting in December, January or February)
  • January 2 (for travel starting in March, April, or May)
  • March 1 (for travel starting in June, July or August)

Other Travel Funding

Faculty and Graduate Students are encouraged to seek funding from other sources as well since it is unlikely that the funding provided by A&S will cover all expenses.

For Faculty:

  1. Departmental funding – some departments may have funds set aside for travel.
  2. Global Travel Fund

For Graduate Students:

  1. Departmental funding – some departments may have funds set aside for travel.
  2. Graduate Student Senate Travel Awards
  3. Conference travel funds – numerous societies have funds available for graduate student travel; please check with the conference you are attending.

Questions can be directed to Morgan Vis, Associate Dean.