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Establishing New Alumni Networks

OUAA believes its Networks are vital to alumni engagement. We are proud to collaborate with our many networks in the quest to keep our proud Bobcats connected with OHIO!  

If you desire to form a new network, please submit an interest form. The form only takes a few minutes to complete, but will help you and OUAA begin to think about the purpose of this network and how it aligns with the OUAA strategic plan, the goals your network will try to achieve, and the activities you will host. The OUAA has access to alumni data and will evaluate new Alumni Network requests every six months. When evaluating applications for new Networks, the OUAA will look at the entire alumni base, primary markets and even current initiatives and priorities at the university to determine approvals. Also, take some time to review our Network resources! The information will help you in the process of managing your Network.   


New Alumni Network Interest Form


The establishment of new alumni networks is decided by the OUAA. OUAA has sole discretion in creating Alumni Networks and would reach out to alumni in the region to assess interest if necessary. The OUAA reserves the right to pause creation of new groups if deemed necessary (to evaluate and modify the model) at any time.