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2023-2024 Inaugural Cohort

YAL Cohort group photo.

The Ohio University Alumni Association is proud to recognize the inaugural cohort of the Young Alumni Leaders Program. These active alumni have an undeniable passion for supporting Ohio University and its mission and the Alumni Association is proud to have them as members of the program.

  • Abby Kongos (BSJ’21)
  • Ali Alshahaibi (BS’22)
  • Brooklynn Kramer (BSC’17; MBA’22)
  • Caleb Howell (BAHCS’16; MED’19)
  • Chrissy Kittle (BSC’11)
  • Danielle Pratt (BSSLS’20)
  • Elisabeth Wilds (BSH’20)
  • Emily Swanson (BSC’18)
  • Erin Bright (BSW’19; MSW’20)
  • Hadass Galili (BA’23)
  • Hannah Bechtold (BS’12; MED’22)
  • Heather Wilson (BSJ’13)
  • Imani Edwards (BSS’18)
  • Jacob Levin (BA’23)
  • Jenna Lada (BA’14)
  • Kaitlyn Booher (BA’22)
  • Katherine Keber (BSJ’22)
  • Katy Engelmann (BSSPS’17)
  • Kelly Matousek (BSC’14)
  • Kendall Arp (BFA’19)
  • Kendra Lutes (BSC’17; MED’19)
  • Lauren Donovan (MBA’22)
  • Nancy Mitchell (BA’17)
  • Olivia Hamilton (BSW’18; MSW’19),
  • Paige Kirby (BSJ’21)
  • Patrick Epler (BA’15)
  • Robert Nance (AAB’12; BSAM’14; MBA’21)
  • Samuel Glaser (BBA’20)
  • Teylor Emch (BFA’15)
  • Todd Simmons (MED’19)
  • Zach Clemens (BBA’23)